Friday, May 23, 2008

Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

Non-Alcaholic Drink : Cold Coffee With  Ice Cream / Easy-to-make 5 Minute Drink For this delecious Cold Coffee with Ice Cream, You'll Need :

Milk..... 1 cup.
Sugar...... 1/4 cup.
Ice Cubes.... 1/2 cup.
Instand Coffee Powder... 1 tsp.
Vanilla Ice Cream.... 3-4 scoops.
Whipped Cream....a dallop (optional)

Blend all ingedients in blender until smooth. Blend it ahead of time & stick it in the freezer so that by the time you're ready for a sip, they'll be refreshingly slushy. Pour into serving glass and to top it all up, garnish with a dallop of ice-cream/whipped cream & sprinkle a pinch of coffee powder on top. Now kick back & enjoy the summer cool.
Make 2 servings.

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