Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Onam - Pulli Inji

Wish You All Very Happy Onam!!! Dallas Onam
This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend "Emi of Truly Gods Own" who has been asking me get back to blogging. I don't think if it hadn't been for her i wud have ever collected myself to get back at my deserted blog. Cheers to her for her inspiration :) I made this for our pot-luck ona sadhya that our friends had organised.

Chopped Ginger / Inji Curry Ingredients:

Ginger... 150 g
Green Chillies.... 6-7 no:s
Curry Leaves...2-3 sprigs
Fenugreek...1 tsp
Tamarind... 3 lemon size
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Chili powder... 2 tsp
Jagree... 150g
Mustard Seeds.. 2tsp
Oil... as required
Salt... to taste.

Here Is How :

Heat oil in a bottom heavy pan and sputter mustard seeds. Add diced ginger & Green chillies and fry till golden brown. Now add curry leaves & fennugreek & stir for a minute. To this add thick tamarind paste and bring this to a boil. Add turmeric & chili powders and also Jagree which is made into a liquid. Adjust the sweetness so as to get the taste of heat, sour & sweetness which distinguish this condiment. Add salt to taste and remove from stove.

Nadan Pulli Inji Recipe

This can be store in fridge in air tight containers. If not for its unique taste alone you are sure to love it for it health benefits.

Enjoy your Thiru Onam !!!

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  1. good to see u bac!:-)
    will definitly try the pulinji.hope you had a wonderful onam