Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mixed Fried Rice

Indo-Chinese Mixed Fried Rice / Mixed Fried Rice

Mixed Fried Rice was my best bet when I gathered up a little nerve and decided to throw the first party after my marriage, right from my kitchen. Well to make a long story short.... to this day mixed fried rice stays on top of my best shots. And the best part? It's predominantly a make-ahead dish so you have a fuss-free menu leaves you time for more precious matters.... like sharing chit-chats at the party. ;)

Indo-Chinese Mixed Fried Rice / Mixed Fried Rice
Over the years I've learned how to "switch it up", instead of cooking something new from scratch every night, I use up the leftovers into a completely meal that are poles apart & enjoy the ease. This delicious dish is perfect for entertaining since its simple to prepare and never fails to impress. Serve this hot on a platter, so you can see the puffs of steam rising off the rice.

"Thankful For Leftovers"

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