Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ad For The Culinary Academy For Kids

Think about kids in the kitchen and the first thoughts that run into your mind would be images of a sticky mess from floor to ceiling plus your heart thumping when they would want to take control over a sharp knife. Have you ever noticed how small child’s faces light up when you pull them up onto the counter and get them to stir something? Kids are always dying to be treated like a grown-ups!.

In this era of Food TV & Star Chefs... kids are inspired so much that i've just heard a 10year old tell me he aspire be a "STAR" chef, when asked waht he wanna grow up to. Thanks to Food TV for the glamour & glitz it has attached to the toils behing the heat.

This interesting ad is by a company called "Kochen" which offers fun cooking classes for kids, encouraging them to become chefs in the kitchen with fun and easy recipes.

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  1. Wonderful Idea , Hope you won`t charge capitation fees.