Friday, May 16, 2008

Wilton Rainbow Cake

An best part of homemade cake is the pleasure it gives to the cook in creating something with both good-looks & delicious.... I've always been on the receiving end of these wonderful delights from my family & friends... ummm i still cant resist salivating thinking back those memories. Even though i have baked before and by now I've become quiet comfortable around the idea of baking....I was a little hesitant to have my hands in frosting & cake decoration but T's conviction inspired me give it at try... and with this very first try I've learn the lesson on the "secret" to a perfectly decorated cake.... now ask me what??? noting but "Patience" :) which took me a whole way out of my comfort zone. But after all the slow and messy process the feeling when I finished the cake was so worth some memories.


  1. Hey Su...congrats on ur first cakeIt has a professional bakers touch...!!looks stunning:-)
    Hope to see more intersting posts...keep going!

  2. Thanks for the comment emi... yah i seen to have got a good kick start to get back blogging.

  3. Su Su Su...good to see you here..after yahoo groups and orkut..10 d's meet in blogosphere..wowwwwwww!!!Nice blog..shall chk out ur posts one by one!!!