Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The World Is Flat !!!

Yah Exactly... "the world had been getting flatter, while I was sleeping" states Thomas L.Friedman, the author of the book "The World Is Flat" which i have been vociforously reading lately. The moment i read thru the review of ths book i literally got glued onto it.... So engrossing as it showcases an exciting account of globalisation. We've no real idea how the 21st century's history will unfold... but this book has certainly inspired me to start thinking how life wud be over the surface of our even-more-flattened earth.Well i do have to admit tht i surely had been sleeping whn all these were happening... And if not for ths account of globalisation by Friedman i wud hv continues to be asleep... :). A must must read for GK freak-outs... try and get our hand on this...

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