Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Desk : Little Women

Little Women"Little Women".... a timeless classic novel published in the year 1868. Based during the American Civil War, it tells the story of the lives and loves of four sisters. It fascinated me as the story gets you back in time to the rather unknown early american lifestyle & values. Even more than one hundred years later,this book still captures the timeless themes of friendship and the strength of family. It's not difficult to see why this classic still makes in the top list of good reads.

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  1. Sumi,
    I love "little women".I have read it,like aome 10 times and will read it again if i get time.A simpler,era with strong,sweet values and lovestory in between. I have read "little men" and "good wives" also.Thou not as great as little women,still i liked them.I liked Jo and Amy and Meg n Beth,and secretly fancied myself to be more like the gentle Beth...lol..