Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kumquat Pudding

Dessert iDayz1

Dessert IDayz6

Finally I made it!!! ...."the kumquat pudding".... and how did that happen? well if you ask me that.... i gotta see an amazing tiramisu dessert that was beautifully decorated with these tiny cuties:Kumquats. I had hardly noticed that this stranged named fruit even dwelled among the fruit aisles at the local super market. And each time I laid my eyes on it... I just knew that all I was just waiting for was for an occasion to give it a try. And yes, the occasion was my dear husband's birthday.... so somethings more sweeter than a cake.

I made this over basic milk pudding, decorated it with candied kumquats and topped it off with the thickened sugar syrup left behind from the candying the kumquats.... which gives its beautiful marriage between the unlikely tastes of the sweet & the bitter. All I can say that it was worth trying... for I got a thumps-up from my one I had made it for... my itchu :)

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